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Vae Victis


FRC Team 1418 - George Mason High School

The Robots


Our 2020 robot, Mouse, is being built for the FIRST INFINITE RECHARGE competition. It has an intake system that can take up powercells (softballs) and shoot them at varying distances, by using a motor to spin wheels very fast, into a tall tower. It also has a wheel that extends by a piston that is used to spin the control panel (color wheel) with various sensors to detect the color and the closeness of the structure to the robot. Finally, we have installed a scissor lift that extends to hook onto the seesaw and a winch that is used for lifting the robot off the ground during matches. More about our 2020 robot


Our 2019 robot, Habibti, was built for the FIRST "Destination: Deep Space" competition. It has an extentable elevator with components that could handle both the hatches and cargo of the challenge with ease. It also has multiple pistons on the bottom to push the robot onto the second HAB level at the end of the game. More about our 2019 robot


Our 2018 robot, Panthera, was built for the FIRST POWER UP competition. It has a long arm for manipulating Power Cubes, and is able to quickly place them on the scale as well as the switch. It also has a powerful climber, which allows it to climb in tandem with other robots. More about our 2018 robot


Our 2017 robot, built for the FIRST STEAMWORKS competition. This robot could climb, shoot (initially) and carry gears. It used our first-of-its-kind swerve drive system. More about our 2017 robot


Our 2016 robot, which we built for the FIRST Stronghold competition, was our most successful robot of all time. It could shoot balls in the low goal and solo all the defenses but the drawbridge. It could also climb the tower with unmatched consistency. More about our 2016 robot


Our 2015 robot, which we built for the Recycle Rush challenge, had the ability to stack totes quickly and effectively and manipulate recycling cans and trash, even in autonomous mode. More about our 2015 robot


Our 2014 robot, which was designed for the FIRST Aerial Assist challenge, was able to catapult large balls with 100% consistency. More about our 2014 robot


Our 2013 robot was designed for FIRST Ultimate Ascent.


Our 2012 robot was designed for FIRST Rebound Rumble.


Our 2011 robot was designed for FIRST Logomotion.


Our 2010 robot was designed for FIRST Breakaway.


Our 2009 robot was designed for FIRST's 2009 game, Lunacy.


Our 2008 robot, Stingray, was designed for FIRST Overdrive.


Our 2007 robot, Manus Tazeronus, was designed for FIRST's Rack 'n Roll.


Our 2006 robot, Elephantus, was designed for Aim High.


Our 2005 robot, Manus Imperatorus, was designed for FIRST Triple Play.


Our first robot ever, The Grue, was built for FIRST Frenzy.