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Vae Victis

TEAM 1418

FRC Team 1418 - Meridian High School

2023 Robot

Our robot (front view).

The 2023 game, sponsored by the Gene Haas Foundation, focuses heavily on the delivery of items (cones and cubes). There are six robots on two teams that compete to rack up the most points as fast as possible. To get a more detailed description of the game, see the official video reveal.

Robot Abilities

Our robot is programmed in Java due to the vast amount of Java libraries and resources available to us through WPILib. As this year's team was new to programming swerve drive, we decided to first learn how to swerve drive works by reconstructing and programming our old Swerve Mark 2 chassis from 2017. One useful feature we programmed into this year's robot was reactive LED lights that change color when performing or completing actions, allowing the drive team to be more informed on what was happening.

As per usual, this season we updated our scouting application, VictiScout, for this season. In addition, we created a Compiler app for VictiScout to consolidate data collected by multiple scouters.

We drive using a pilot-copilot method: the first driver controls robot motion and the second various other operations, making operating the robot more efficient.

All of our code is open source, and can be found on our GitHub organization.

The 2023 robot on the charging station. The 2023 robot transporting a cube. The 2023 robot placing a cone.
Competition Performance

This year we have competed in a district qualifier in Alexandria, Virginia (March 17-19); a district qualifier in Timonium, Maryland (March 24-26); and a district championship at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia (April 5-8). This season, we were awarded the Gracious Professionalism award in each of our competitions. You can find out more about our competition performance on Blue Alliance, and look out for videos on our YouTube and Instagram pages.