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Vae Victis


FRC Team 1418 - George Mason High School

Team 610's Design Tutorials

Team 610 put together an excellent PDF about mechanical design. Check it out!

Vae Victis' ultimate 3D Printing Guide

At the start of the 2016 school year, George Mason High School was proud to annouce its new Makerspace. Team 1418 has access to several 3D printers in this space, which have been used to create specialized parts for the robot as well as team giveaways. Other clubs and classes at the school have access to this tool as well for creating all manner of three dimensional conceptual models. We do a lot of 3D Printing on our team, and we have organized a large body of knowledge in our 3D Printing Guide.

A 3D Printer printing a red gear. White 3D printers, two large, one small, next to a computer. The front glass panels of two large white 3D printers.
2018 FRC Workshop Resources

Business Planning Presentation

Safety and Conduct Powerpoint

Project Management Presentation

Vision Processing Slides

3D Printing

Orthographic and Isometric Projections

C++ and Java Presentation

Sensors Presentation

Software Engineering Process

Surviving Inspection

Robotpy Presentation Slides