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Vae Victis

TEAM 1418

FRC Team 1418 - Meridian High School

2020/21 Robot

Our current robot (side view). This shows us testing the robot ball(power cell) shooter.

The 2020/21 game alludes to Star Wars; specifically the droids. It involves shooting softballs into various levels of a tower, also known as the Power Port, spinning a color wheel called the control panel (spinning it a number of times and spinning to a specific color), and climbing onto a seesaw with other robots, trying to stay balanced in the process. To get a more detailed description of the game, see the 2020 official video reveal and the 2021 official video reveal.

Robot Abilities

Just like in previous years, we used Python for our robot code. In addition to our robot code, we developed a dashboard for our touchscreen driver station. It is written in JavaScript/HTML/CSS, and communicates with the robot through a python-based tornado server. It is based on the FRCDashboard framework we developed in 2016.

We drive using a pilot-copilot operating system, with one driver controlling robot motion and the other controlling all other robot functions, such as the shooter. This allows each driver to control their own independent task, making operating the robot more efficient.

As usual, our code is open source, and can be found on our GitHub organization.

Competition Performance

We will be competing in two competitions this year at Battlefield High School (February 28 - March 1) and at South River High School (March 20-22). In addition to the two other competitions where we will be competing this year, we will be paticipating in Week 0. Week 0 is the week before our first competition where practice competitions take place. You can find out more about our competition performance and schedule on our Blue Alliance page, and look out for videos about our competitions on our YouTube page.