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Vae Victis


FRC Team 1418 - George Mason High School

2015 Robot

The FIRST challenge for this year was called Recycle Rush. The challenge included stacking totes and cans as high as possible and capping the stacks with cans and noodles. For a more detailed description, see the game reveal video.

Teleoperated Period

We scored very high this year. Our robot could create a stack of 4 totes in just 45 seconds, and add a Can and Noodle in another 15. At this rate, we could create two stacks of 4, topping both with a can/noodle combo.

Perfect Match:

A perfect match on our own, apart from other robots needed to complete the Robot set and the Coopertition stack, would fetch a grand total of 124 points in under two and a half minutes!

Robot Abilities
The 2015 robot with two boxes. The 2015 robot with two boxes and a bowling pin. The 2015 robot with 1418 written on the front.