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Vae Victis


FRC Team 1418 - George Mason High School

Our Members

Erik Boesen

Erik is head programmer. He also works on outreach and fundraising as well as the team website and leading the development of VictiScout, our team's scouting framework. He helped create FRC Dashboard.

Cooper McGuire

Cooper is our mechanics subteam captain and team co-captain. He has has also served as our team strategist and captained our FTC Team 10162. He mentors FTC Team 12595.

Ben Fong

Ben is one of our head mechanics and a team co-captain. He has been on the team for four years and formerly served as the team battery manager. He also previously captained our FTC Team 10162 and mentors FTC Team 12595.

Addison Rasmussen

Addison leads our outreach division and works with the mechanical team. He works with Zack Biegel on editing content for our YouTube page and is in charge of all content released there.

Ben Updike

Ben has been an important member of our mechanics team through all of our competitions. While managing the robot's batteries, he also works on building new features and developing repairs for the robot.

Tahaseen Shaik

Tahaseen is a mechanic and former field reset volunteer.

Sofia Heartney

Sofia is a mechanic and former field reset volunteer.

Sarah Fong

Sarah is a mechanic and former field reset volunteer.

Anuragi Thapliya

Anuragi is a mechanic.

Joe Carpenter

Joe is a programmer, and has worked on various repositories for the team, such as the dashboard and the website.

Zack Biegel

Zack is the photographer and videographer of the team and is heavily involved in outreach.

Jack Evans

Jack is a mechanic.

Andrew Lester

Andrew is a programmer with years of experience in Java, HTML, and CSS. He works on fixing issues and updating the website, along with Ian and Erik.

Stephanie Synnott

Stephanie is the safety captain of the team. She also works on outreach.

Keenan Hom

Keenan is a mechanic.

Mira Vega

Mira is a mechanic.

Nikita Solovyov

Nikita works on scouting analysis and does various outreach jobs.

Ian Zullo

Ian is a graphic designer, programmer, and outreach member. He creates various logo designs and concepts, and also works on the website with Andrew and Erik.

Ethan Sisbarro

Ethan works on game strategy and outreach.

John Grondelski

John works on outreach. He has been a crucial help in our pursuit of the Chairman's award in past years.

Cole Tarter

Cole is a mechanic.

Carolyn Baek

Carolyn is a mechanic. Her Korean name means "pine tree."

Fernanda Molina

Fernanda is a programmer with experience in Java and Python. She works on helping fix issues with the robot code and updating the team's website.

Jakub Leski

Jakub is a mechanic.

Andrew Blenke

Andrew does some graphic design.

Freddy Bruner

Freddy leads the 3D Printing & fabrication team, and has made several impressive pieces, such as a working gauntlet & shield for our Stronghold game.